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Life Coaching is for people who are generally functioning well but have either an unsatisfactory situation in their life or have goals they haven’t been able to reach on their own.


Most people spend years trying to solve the WRONG problem. You might think the problem is your partner, or your weight, or your mom.


The problem is NEVER the situation or person. The problem is always a thought in your very own mind. Your mind convinces you that the problem is something outside of you.


This seems so believable. “Of course, the problem is the other person or my weight!”


Yet, the problem with believing this is that the problem ALWAYS remains out of your control! You can’t change other people. And changing your body or weight isn’t under your immediate control.


What can you control? You can begin controlling how you think about things. Often a new perspective is all it takes to solve a “problem” that you may have been dealing with, even for years

The price of life coaching varies between different coaches and different lengths of coaching packages.


At first the cost of coaching may seem expensive. But when you begin to look at what not doing anything costs, it begins to look like a bargain!


The stress and toll of not taking care of something creates problems and shame on top of whatever you already think the problem is.


For example, many women reach out to me because their weight is their #1 problem.


Yet, their weight isn’t the only thing causing stress! They also feel ashamed of their looks and bodies. They dread going out or buying new clothes. It might even cause problems in their relationships.


So, being overweight is only one of a complex set of problems and stresses.


This costs time, peace of mind, opportunities, and even enjoying the basics of life!


Life coaching can get to the roots of problems much faster than you can do on your own. In fact, if you’ve been spinning for years, life coaching may be the only way to get at the root of your problems.

Working with a life coach can benefit almost everyone. If you have severe emotional or mental health problems, life coaching might not be appropriate at this time.


However, if you are generally doing well in life but have some issues that you just can’t seem to fix on your own, then life coaching could be a great option for you.


The best way to find out if life coaching is a good fit for you is to schedule a free discovery call. Almost all life and weight loss coaches offer some type of free call before accepting you as a client.

A discovery call is a call between a life coach and a potential client. The coach will want to hear what is going on and what you hope to accomplish with life coaching.


Then the coach will tell you what he or she sees as the problem and what the coaching process would be like.


Finally, the coach will make an offer, tell you what their coaching program is and how much it costs. At this point, most coaches will ask for a decision, a yes or no.


This is where most clients want to give a big ole MAYBE. Because as much as you want the experience, it can seem scary to say yes or no. That’s 100% normal.


This decision is your first step to achieving whatever it is that you dream of. One of the things that truly holds people back is not making firm yes or no decisions.


If you only say maybe to a life you love, you aren’t going to get it.


When you meet the right coach, a firm yes, is the first step to saying YES to your very own best life.

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