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My clients generally feel like they are blessed and living great lives.


Yet, there is something missing or something they haven't been able to solve on their own.


My clients are all amazing women. They aren't broken or defective. 


Life coaching improves the quality of their overall lives while at the same time addressing specific problems or issues.

I provide life and weight loss coaching in packages of 6 months. 


After coaching women for years, I know that this is the minimum amount of time to create the kind of results women really want.


The problems women bring to life coaching have been created over decades! 


The stress and toll of not taking care of something creates additional problems.


It takes time to unwind and untangle old thoughts and habits.


My best clients are tired of trying to do everything on their own. They value and want to have a professional walk along with them, push them when needed, and most of all, cheer them on.

Working with a life coach can benefit almost everyone. If you have severe emotional or mental health problems, life coaching might not be appropriate at this time.


However, if you are generally doing well in life but have some issues that you just can’t seem to fix on your own, then life coaching could be a great option for you.


The best way to find out if life coaching is a good fit for you is to schedule a free discovery call. Almost all life and weight loss coaches offer some type of free call before accepting you as a client.

A life coaching consultation is a one on one zoom call with me.


I walk you through a set of questions to get a big picture view of what is going on with you.


Then I give you my perspective on what is going on now and the steps to get to where you want to be.


Together we decide if this six-month commitment is right for you.

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