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Are your ready to find themissing piecesof your life?

When you were younger, you probably thought that if you did certain things, you’d eventually end up happy.

So, you spent the last 20 or 30 years, checking off boxes with the idea that this would all lead to happiness.

Yet, despite doing your best, here you are facing the second half of your life, feeling like something is missing.

I don’t know about you, but when I reached this stage of my life, I just felt too exhausted to even think about doing “more.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t have good things in my life, I did. I was grateful for all the good!

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Yet, I still had that feeling that there wassomething wrongwith my life.

But I couldn’t figure out what that “more” was. I had read all the self-help books, gone to counseling, had good jobs, and had a family I loved.

What I discovered eventually, was that nothing had gone wrong. There wasn’t anything wrong with me. However, I had missed a critical part of feeling that my life was good enough.

As women, we tend to be doers. We do all the right things, and we expect that when we do the right things, we are going to feel great.

Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. It sometimes seems a mystery. Why, when we do everything according to plan or expectations, have we ended up, still feeling like we didn’t do enough or that we’ve missed something important?

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I help women identify what’s missing, clean up the inner-mind gunk that is getting in the way, and support them to move forward, and create a life they love.

A lot of times you think it is a specific problem that is holding you back. In my experience, the problems are only symptoms. Fixing a problem might solve that pain temporarily, but the underlying issue is still there.

That’s why you can lose the weight, change jobs, buy a new home, start a new relationship and that doesn’t change how you feel.

Here’s a little secret.

When you learn to work with your thoughts and feelings first; all your actions become more powerful. You begin to take action, not based on some arbitrary checklist, but on your own guidance and belief that you know what is best for you.

This is when life gets exciting, fun, and purposeful. It can also be challenging but this time in a good way.

I want to help you find the missing pieces of your life. I want to help you clean up the mind clutter that is distorting your life. And finally, I want to assist you in moving forward with the full belief that you can create a life you love.

Are you ready to create a life your love?

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