My Weight Loss Journey and Journal

This is where your weight loss journey begins. Not with a diet. Not with depriving yourself.
And definitely not with beating yourself up!

The purpose of this journal is to collect data about yourself, so that you can use it to make changes.

Most diets tell you to start restricting or changing without taking into account what you are already doing. In my journal, you spend a week recording everything you eat.

As you learn more about how you eat, when you eat, and why you eat, you will make a change every week. Some of these changes will be easier than others. Sometimes it will take you more than one week to master a change and for it to become your new normal.

No matter what happens on this journey, keep in mind that you CANNOT DO IT WRONG. There is no wrong. There is no messing up. There is no blowing it.

Each day you will be living and eating. You’ll keep track of your food and meals. You’ll write notes each day about how you felt, how you thought, and what you did.

By the end of 16 weeks, you will have created your own personalized eating plan!

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