Are You the Star of Your Own Story?

Dear friend,

Don’t you just love a good book or movie?

I do and I get really attached to characters that are interesting.

For a character to be interesting though, that character has to have goals and dreams and real things at risk. There has to be some struggle, they have to work to get something. They might even have to fight a dragon or sorcerer.

However, our favorite characters ALWAYS have to overcome their OWN issues before they can take on the villain, win the guy, or achieve the dream.

They have to face their fears, get over their insecurities, develop courage, and defy people that tell them that they can’t. Most of the time, our characters have to get started defeating the evil sorcerer even when they are terrified, insecure, and unsure of the outcome.

Usually, they develop their self-confidence, bravery, and creativity by DOING their mission before they have those things in place.

Are you the star in your own story?

You might feel defensive thinking about your own life if you don’t have an interesting story at the moment; if you don’t feel like your life is heading anywhere.

My intention is to poke you a little bit.

Too many of us, settle for comfortable (a.k.a.) boring, when we could be starring in an amazing story.

Your story doesn’t have to be careening around the world on quests or taking on a super villain.

It can include a goal or two that makes you feel apprehensive or unsure. It could include meeting new people and exploring new ideas.

You don’t have to feel ready. In fact, I guarantee that waiting until you feel ready to do something will guarantee that it never happens.

Now, go be the hero in your own story!

Love, Sara

P.S. I can help you discover your inner hero and your own superpowers. Schedule a free call today!

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