Instead of a Diet Do This

Would you rather…

Go on a diet, spend six months dieting, lose weight, and maybe even get to your lowest weight in a while. Enjoy that for a few months until the weight begins creeping back on, as it always does.


Learn to eat like a sane human being, eating food you enjoy, not binging, and enjoying your life more than you could have ever imagined?

Throw everything you think you know about losing weight away. I know there is something that worked for a while in the past and the thought of that is extremely hard to give up. But it didn’t work in the long-term and it’s just not going to the next time.

Imagine being comfortable in your own body, not worrying about every bite, and getting on with all the things you’ve been putting off.

That’s my offer.

Oh, and lose weight too if that’s what you want.

I quit diets in my mid-forties. I’m 60 now. Diets are stupid. Think about it. How in the world does an arbitrary food plan, of a certain number of calories, ever going to be just right for an amazing, unique person like you?

It’s not.

Here’s another thing. In my experience most women have the general idea of healthy eating. You don’t have to scrap everything. Let’s just fix the stuff that isn’t working for you.

Think of the last place you moved into. Usually, you don’t have to change everything. Maybe a room needs some new paint. Or you want to redo a floor. Whatever. Sometimes, it’s a real fixer upper and you need to do more.

But diets usually say, change everything. Eat stuff you don’t like. Only order certain things when you go out.

I don’t participate in that nonsense. You have to eat now, the way you want to eat forever. Seriously, if you deprive yourself now to get to a certain weight, you will never sustain it long-term. Deprivation always comes with a bad result later.

And I’ll add this. Deprivation is not healthy. Being thin at the cost of your health is also a bad idea.

You know what’s good for you. Eating real food, that you like, in the right amounts that keep you satisfied and energetic.

My dream in life is to liberate every woman from diet mentality. I’m 60 and I’m planning to take down the diet industry.

We have traded way too much of our energy, our life, and our very spirit to the false promises of the diet industry.

I believe that I have the best process out there to help women find peace with food and their bodies. Perfection is not required. A desire to do something new and let go of the old way is.

P.S. I am a professional life coach who specializes in helping women over 50 lose weight without dieting, restricting, while eating the foods they love. It is possible my friends.

My clients range from 49 to 70 and they are all losing weight while still enjoying desserts, pizza nights, and going out.

Losing weight at ANY age can be difficult—our bodies fight us on it. But when you work with your body, you can lose weight and still enjoy amazing food!

I work with women one-on-one to help them develop their unique, only for them, plan to eliminate cravings, poor eating habits, and old beliefs that are holding them back from who they know they can be. To see if working with me is a good fit for you, you can schedule a zoom consult with me here.

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