Are you beating yourself up over something you can’t change?

In my practice, almost every woman I work with is up against something that isn’t working, and they can’t figure out why? They spend a lot of time beating themselves up because of this thing that seems impossible to change.

  • I can’t quit eating!
  • I’m exhausted from work!
  • My partner, child, parent, co-worker, or friend is driving me crazy!
  • I just don’t know what is next for me…

These are brilliant and amazing women, who are generally doing great, but at some point in midlife, something is out-of-whack.

Picture of thoughtful woman with the words: are you beating yourself up about something you can't change

It might be their eating. They can’t figure out why they can’t quit eating at night or overeating all weekend. Or they long to have time for walks or exercise but just can’t find the time, energy, or motivation.

It might be their job. They love what they do but somehow, they are now working so much, they always feel exhausted and don’t have the energy for things they want to do.

The third place things get stressed, is relationships. Things can get strained in even the most loving relationships with partners, adult children, co-workers, or friends. It might feel like you’re being taken advantage of or that the other person isn’t working as hard as you.

Finally, there is often just a feeling of things not being quite right.

At some point, we all face these kinds of things, and the solution can feel out of reach. That’s because we tend to try and solve these problems with the same thinking that created the problem.

An example is work. One strategy that I’ve seen women use over and over is to keep working harder or longer. There is a belief if they can just do more, they might get ahead, and get some breathing room. Unfortunately, what happens is you not only end up working more but people begin accepting this as your new normal.

Here’s the problem. We find ourselves in situations that seem unsolvable, even though, in general, you are amazing at solving things!

When we are overworked and overstressed, solutions just aren’t available to us. Yet, we spin in our minds trying to figure it out.

The answer is in you. This isn’t just some try to feel better hack, while your life still sucks.

  • One you become aware of what you do want.
  • Two, you identify what is between you and what you want.
  • And finally, you can take action that is aligned with your true desires.

Aligned action comes from when you feel peace, confidence, and sure.

Then life can change and it’s always for your best.

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